2013 - Pisces


Annual solar horoscope - Pisces 2013 / 2014

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the monthly solar horoscope for birthdays from 15th March to 13th April or Pisces Ascendants and Moons

´╗┐´╗┐Happy birthday Pisces! You begin your new solar year with Venus in your sign which gives you an immediate boost in terms of feeling more attractive. With Mars in the same house, perhaps you also are more attractive to other people. Venus is exalted in Pisces so can do a lot of good in this sign but at the same time, this transit may also herald the beginning of the transformation in so many ways coming your way this year. And while of course there will be some fun along the way, it is your financial situation, career and profession, life direction as well as your home life that will require the most of your focus and attention over the next twelve months.

As your solar year progresses, you very quickly develop a feeling and an understanding of your financial requirements, opportunities and in particular where and how you will have to cut back in order to achieve your objectives. Typical Pisceans have a tendency to spend money impulsively, however, over the next 12 months, you may find that you may either simply not have the means to do so or you are indeed changing your attitude towards spending money and what you spend it on. Although this may sound very limiting and restrictive, you are required to tie up loose ends in this area. You are in a rebellious mood these days Pisces, so along the way, you may face adversarial circumstances and may feel a little self-defensive at times or even overwhelmed with the transformation you are undergoing. Don’t fear sudden changes Pisces - you’ve been either waiting for them a long time or are due a shake-up. Your responsibility and task lies in developing a diligent focus on material and financial circumstances and consequences as well as a more head-on confrontation with your fears. The key is to commit to certain changes, to contribute to them and avoid resisting change. This time quality can also result in your partner being less able to contribute to the mix for the moment whether this is financially, physically or through his immediate family.

Having said that, as the North and South nodes are now transiting your axis of finances, you may also find yourself in an extraordinarily enhanced situation after this transit has passed where you feel a lot more financially secure.

As your new solar year begins, you are gearing up to the lunar and solar eclipses hitting your financial axis at the end of April and in May. For you, this may be one of the most crucial and impactful in this area for many years. The changes may be sudden and with a bit of a sense of finality attached to them. Think about what began 18 months ago from approximately the end of April and then what happened in July 2012 – this will give you an idea of what comes to a conclusion now. It may have to do with a loss of a source of income only for another one to open up in six months (October and November) at the next eclipse cycle in 2013.

Then, up until the summer, you may still be occupied with expanding a business idea, short-term work projects, short-distance travel, sales, marketing, media communications and generally honing and profiting from your skills. You could have also discovered a love of teaching and mentoring – perhaps even in a business environment you yourself could have undertaken some training for the job. It may have been that you were strongly involved in these areas and really gave it your all.

But then, as the year progresses, more of the main areas and foundations of your life are under the spotlight as Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunity moves into the area of your chart that has to do with your home environment, living situation, the past, your emotions and general attitude.  This is a good place for Jupiter, he feels comfortable there and as your ruling planet, it seems as though the focus shifts and deciding where to live or renovating your existing home for example becomes something you strongly identify with.

In fact, the biggest changes of the year are likely to happen from August onwards as your rebellious streak along with transformation in your career and home life takes hold. We are currently in a 13 year Pluto - Jupiter cycle as well as in a 138 year Pluto – Uranus cycle. This year, both cycles form exact aspects making the changes all the more important and the transformation all the more imminent. Think about what began in late 2007, what started then? What began for you personally, what did you grow into from that point onwards? This summer represents a culmination point that in all likelihood is connected to your home as well as your professional path. You as a person have undergone and are undergoing changes – some of them or the resulting insights – may be quite sudden. You no longer just wish to do any job, you are most likely going for a job where you can be more autonomous, perhaps even something in the area to do with therapy, healing or empowering. Basically, if you have been working towards a goal and life direction that is compatible with your new sense of self, desire for more freedom and your philosophical points of view, this is likely to be a hugely productive time for you. Although you may still face some hurdles, squares never make things just fall into our laps, there can be huge gains across a number of areas in your life.

However, the likelihood is that you are faced with some sort of a crisis of authority and purpose. However, in a year’s time, you stand transformed and your new found sense of self will have an impact on your relationships and the type of person you choose to be with.

Talking about romance, the best – or peak - time of the solar year for romance is August and September. These are the big months for 2013 with some pressure, challenges and a bit of uphill jogging, especially for the mutable signs. As you are making changes to your professional and home life, your relationships are thrown into the mix too. All of these areas will be affected by the squares during the late summer months and will come under a bit of pressure, in particular during the annual full Moon in your opposite sign of Virgo on 19th September. A full Moon brings things to a conclusion and whatever began in March 2012 is either completed or taken to the next level. This can be one of the most productive times in terms of relationships, especially for Pisces Ascendants from 0 – 5 degrees of Pisces.  If you were born between around 15th to 20th March, these transits can mainly affect your position at work and the relationship you have with the world in general. Have a great solar year ahead!